Wednesday, March 24, 2010


seorang kakak seharusnya memberikan contoh yang baik pada adiknya..
dalam kasus ini seorang senior harus memberikan contoh pada juniornya..
namun pada kasus kami satu kelas, selalu di injak2 oleh senior dengan sifat senioritasnya yang sama sekali nggak masuk akal..
mulai dari hal-hal kecil seperti gambar disebelah ini..
memang wajar kalo kami yang memiliki ide seperti itu dan di tiru oleh kakak kelas..
namun sangat tidak wajar kalo mengambil ide tersebut tanpa izin dari pemiliknya..
atau paling tidak oleh orang yang memiliki account tersebut..
kami merasa terlalu di injak-injak oleh sifat kesenioritas kalian yang kelihatan terlalu ALAI..
ini adalah gambar/ide kami yang asli yg terang2an ditiru oleh senior kami..

Monday, March 22, 2010

Top 10 Charts BILLBOARD

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#2. Lady Antebellum - Need To Know
#3. Taio Cruz feat. Ludacriz - Break Your Heart
#4. Black Eyed Peas - Imma Be
#5. B.o.B. feat Bruno Mars - Nothin' On You
#6. Train - Hey, Soul Sister
#7. Young Money feat. Llyod - BedRock
#8. Ke$ha - Tik Tok
#9. Lady Gaga feat. Beyonce - Telephone
#10. Jason Derulo - In My Head

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


David Guetta (French pronunciation: [daˌviːd gɛˈta]; born 7 November 1967)[1] is a French house producer and DJ. Originally a DJ at nightclubs during the 1980s and 1990s, he co-founded label Gum Productions and released his first album, Just a Little More Love, in 2001. Later, he released Guetta Blaster (2004) and Pop Life (2007). His 2009 album One Love included the hits singles "When Love Takes Over" (featuring Kelly Rowland), and "Sexy Bitch" (featuring Akon), the latter becoming a top five hit in the US. He has worked with a variety of pop artists including Akon, Britney Spears, Chris Willis, Kelly Rowland, Lil' Wayne, Madonna, Kid Cudi, Estelle and He is also working with Shakira.

Personal background

David Guetta was born and raised in tipton Paris. His father was a restaurateur and a Moroccan Jew.[2] He is married to Cathy Guetta, and they have two children, Tim Elvis (born 2004) and Angie (born 2007).


Early career

At age 17, Guetta began DJing at the Broad Club in Paris.[3] He first played popular songs, and he discovered house music when he heard a Farley Jackmaster Funk track on French radio in 1987. The next year, he began hosting his own club nights.[1] In 1990, he released "Nation Rap", a hip-hop collaboration with French rapper Sidney Duteil.[4]

In the early 1990s, Guetta played in clubs such as Le Centrale, the Rex, Le Boy, and Folies Pigalle.[3][5] Released in 1994,[4] Guetta's first single, a collaboration with American house vocalist Robert Owens titled "Up & Away", was a minor club hit.[1] In 1995, David Guetta became the manager of Le Palace nightclub and he continued to organise parties there and in other clubs, such as the "Scream" parties in marios palace.[6]

Just a Little More Love and Guetta Blaster

In 2001, David Guetta along with Joachim Garraud founded Gum Productions, and in the same year Guetta's first hit single, "Just a Little More Love", featuring American singer Chris Willis was released. Willis was vacationing in France when he met Guetta.[1] Guetta's debut album Just a Little More Love was released in 2002 on Virgin Records and sold over 300,000 copies. The follow-up single, "Love Don't Let Me Go", was released in 2002. Guetta released a compilation, Fuck Me I'm Famous, in 2003, named after his party in Ibiza. It included "Just For One Day (Heroes)", a remix of David Bowie's song "Heroes".[1] Later in his career, Guetta continued recording compilations under that title.

Guetta's second album, Guetta Blaster, was released in 2004 and contained "The World is Mine" featuring JD Davis. In 2006 "Love Don't Let Me Go" was released as a mash-up with the Tocadisco remix of "Walking Away" by The Egg. The mash-up single charted higher than the original release of the song.

Pop Life

In 2007, Guetta's third album Pop Life was released. The album was successful in the UK and Ireland as well as in mainland Europe. According to EMI in 2010, the album has sold a total of 530,000 copies worldwide. The lead single "Love Is Gone" reached Number 1 on the American Dance Chart and charted on the Billboard Hot 100.

He played in many countries around the world to promote the album. He played in Mauritius in January 2008, accompanied by French rapper JoeyStarr. In the same year, he and his wife Cathy also planned a new event which took place in the Stade de France on 5 July 2008. The event was called "UNIGHTED", he performed with Tiësto, Carl Cox, Joachim Garraud and Martin Solveig in front of a 40,000 crowd.[7]

One Love and producing for other artists

David Guetta's fourth studio album, One Love, was digitally released on 21 August 2009, and physically released on 24 August 2009 in Europe and 25 August in the United States. Its first single "When Love Takes Over", which featured Kelly Rowland, peaked at #2 on the French singles chart and #78 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. His second single from the album, "Sexy Bitch" (featuring Akon) went to #2 in France and #5 in the US. "One Love" featuring Estelle and "Memories" featuring Kid Cudi followed. Guetta also produced the Black Eyed Peas' single "I Gotta Feeling", which peaked at #1 in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, and #2 in France. The album has sold 1.4 million copies worldwide since its release according to Billboard.

Guetta is now working on Akon, Kelis, Céline Dion, Rihanna, and Kelly Rowland upcoming albums for 2010. At the beginning of February rumors regarding Guetta producing music for Lady Gaga began to spread, but recently he stated "We met. I would love to work with her but there's nothing yet,". [8]

In 2009, he was placed third in the "Top 100 DJs" poll by DJ Magazine[9], and was elected "Best House DJ" by DJ Awards in 2008.

Guetta was nominated for five Grammy awards, three for One Love and two for his work with the Black Eyed Peas. He won the Grammy for Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical.

In recent interview at the 2010 NRJ Music Awards Guetta said he would be collaborating with an international superstar, but he didn't want to say her name. Lately he said it was talking about Barbadian R&B singer Rihanna. [10]

He is also working with Eva Simons as confirmed on her twitter.


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Love is the third studio album by alternative rock band Angels & Airwaves. It was released on February 12, 2010 on Fuel TV, and on February 14 on Modlife. The album was released free of charge due to "corporate underwriting". A "special edition" hard copy version of the album is scheduled for release in the near future.

On March 6, 2010 Tom DeLonge announced that the album has been downloaded over 500,000 times since its February 14 release. Regarding these numbers, Delonge states that: "[the band's] core fans were really there for us, but it also means we’re reaching tons of new people that will hopefully turn into fans, which is all that any band can ever ask for."

this album contain of :

# Title Length
1. "Et Ducit Mundum Per Luce" 2:34
2. "The Flight of Apollo" 6:15
3. "Young London" 5:04
4. "Shove" 6:35
5. "Epic Holiday" 4:38
6. "Hallucinations" 4:39
7. "The Moon-Atomic (...Fragments and Fictions)" 6:17
8. "Clever Love" 4:27
9. "Soul Survivor (...2012)" 4:05
10. "Letters to God, Part II" 4:06
11. "Some Origins of Fire" 5:20

311 on Jakarta

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

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